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      Organizing Your Clients
Category: Small Business
As your small business grows the more you need to have better way to organize your business. A CRM solution can help you stay on top of all the details. The best source of new business is your current clients. You have already built a relationship with them, now you need to make sure you maintain it. The first step is to understand your clients. Just as different marketing ideas worked to bring in different people, you can't lump all clients together now. If you can see each client as an individual and provide them with just what they need you will keep them happier and ensure they become repeat customers. A happy client also leads to referrals, and that is the second best source of new business.

So where do you begin? First make sure you keep every bit of data they gave you previously, spouse and kids names, personal interest, their business etc. Keep all notes easily store with the client information and use it when you contact them in the future. Everyone likes to know that you were paying attention before, and today it is less frequent that someone will ask about anything other than the sale itself so it is appreciated a bit more. Second organize your clients into groups, lots of groups. Have groups for those that prefer email contact, snail mail or prefer to be called. Do they prefer to be called during the day or evening? Group them by occupational categories, high maintenance or a group for those who prefer not to be contacted to often. Have a group for your high value clients, or high net worth individuals. This will make it easier to find the right clients when a new opportunity present itself.

Make sure to keep important dates and entries on your calendar for when to contact them in the future. Always stay on top of your calendar, most people really will appreciate the effort and prefer to do business with people who really care about them.

There are many options to organizing your data, including free options, so don't think you can't do it. You must. The best way to make sure your business grows is to take care of the clients you already have. Hard work and attention to detail still will succeed.

      Getting a New Small Business off the Ground
Category: Small Business
Every day an entrepreneur will have an idea for a new small business. It may start as just a quick thought, you need to capture it and build it into a new business plan. Where do you start and how do you keep and fit all the pieces together? You need to keep everything organized, thoughts on staff, products, sales, advertising and so many other ideas before they become awash in your mind. CRM FREE is a web based contact management system that will grow with you. A new small business needs to keep costs down, so we help by letting you start with a version free that can grow with you as you do. A Contact Management System (CMS) or Client Relationship Manager (CRM), CRM FREE is a simple and easy to use product. We don't clutter the system with a number of things you don't need. We make it quick and easy to add all contacts, notes, enter items on and view your calendar and track projects.

The planning stage is vital to every small business. You may be making contacts with those would be interested in using your product, stores to sell it, people you want to hire, others who listen and help refine the ideas and many more. With CRM FREE you can enter all contacts, group and categorize them so you can quickly find people, names, numbers and email addresses. Keep notes with each contact so with a glance you can see when you spoke with them and comments on the conversation. Create projects for each area of your plan such as staffing, sales, advertising and more. With contacts and projects you can link items on your calendar to any of them and view them from your calendar or the contact or project's page so you can easily see when you wanted to call them or had scheduled a meeting.

Once you have opened your new small business, CRM FREE will grow with you through a number of paid versions. The first year is the hardest for a small business and with low starting prices you will be able to upgrade without the heavy price tag. Things happen fast as new employees come on board and there are many new things to track. Making sure to enter every new contact will help make sure you don't miss any opportunities. Also keep an eye on your new employees by reviewing their calendar, sales and activities. The American Dream, your own business, is a stressful time as a lot is riding on your shoulders. Make it a little easier by keeping everything organized and give yourself the best chance to succeed with CRM FREE.