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      Controlling who can see a contact
Category: Tips and Hints
With a paid account to CRM-FREE you can have multiple users in the database, but what if you want to control what a user can see? It's easy, just set that user to view only contacts assigned to them when you add them as a user. Then from each contact or project you can assign which users can view the information.

What if you have a large number of users and need to have an entire department or team see a contact? Rather than assign each user individually you can create User Groups so everyone in sales can be assigned to the User Group- sales team. Then just assign that group in the contact record and now they all can access the contact. If a user changes from sales to support or another department, you can easily change their access to all the contacts and projects just by going to their user record and switching them from the sales group to the support group!

Controlling security and access to data is a key part of any CRM database. Allowing administrators to view everything in the database and control what each user can see and do is vital. For companies with more complex needs we offer customized databases where we add any features needed to CRM-FREE to provide a unique system that meets your exact needs quickly, easily and very inexpensively for a custom built system. For information on a custom solution please email