Free CRM Features

Free CRM Features     
CRM FREE was designed for small business and individuals, to give you what you need. A simple and easy to use crm software. Complete customer relationship management, lead and sales tracking, customer service support, all of the above and more. CRM FREE is not overblown with a ton of features you will never use and yet have to pay for with some other services. We have a simple but powerful crm and therefore been able to keep costs down! Our free crm can help keep track of all your customers, accounts and contacts, leads and sales, clients, vendors, employees, departments and much more. CRM FREE is from MSCC Corp which has been designing crm software for over 20 years.

In any crm you use it is vitally important to know what was said and what was done, by who... and when. Making sure whoever needs access to that info can get it. CRM FREE makes that easy. Group accounts contacts together, keep track of calls and emails, tasks and notes. Complete with calendars to keep track of tasks that needs to be done and when.

With paid versions starting at just $14.99 a month it's built for businesses of all sizes. With a sales pipeline an customer service & support management you won't find a better value anywhere! Signup for free account and get started now.

Account & Contact Management
    Import & Export

Sales Pipeline & Tracking
    Sales CRM
    Sales Tracking
    Sales Dashboard

Customer Service & Support Software
    Customer Support CRM
    Customer Support CRM
    Case Management
    Service Level Agreements

    Adding Tasks
    Calendar & Task List

Custom Fields

API for Developers

Document Storage

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